Gridraw Inc.
Gridraw Inc.
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Industry: Computer Software

Founded: 2015

We are developing Gridraw series.

What is Gridraw

There are many engineers feeling “A designing software is troublesome task” unexpectedly. Especially recently, the principle that a runnable artifacts is most important as typified by an Agile development process has encouraged it. However, even if such an environs, the design still remains in the important element.

Gridraw offers comfortable usability for such as these engineers. Dispels the image that the design is troublesome, and improves the quality and speed of design. As a result, be able to visualize the design quickly even if the environs requiring an agile development. Enables sharing, consensus building and verification for the design, and improves the quality of the product.

In order to realize the usability gratifying to the engineers, Gridraw has adopted a innovative new UI. It is the cell system like a spreadsheet. We provide a comfortable design tool on the concepts: real-time automatic laying out, all is operable with keyboard, simple and lightweight.